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If you’ve tried just about every approach to weight loss without getting the long-term results you want, consider something completely unique: the Qivana METABOLIQ™ system at Campbell Station Primary Care and Aesthetics in Knoxville, Tennessee. This program focuses on macrobalance. You’ll get the right types of foods in the right portions to keep your satisfied, reduce cravings, stimulate your metabolism, and optimize your calories. Nurse practitioner Robert Martin, APN can help you get started on the program now, so book your appointment online or by phone today.

Weight Loss

What is the Qivana METABOLIQ weight loss system?

The weight loss system offered at Campbell Station Primary Care and Aesthetics, Qivana METABOLIQ, is a unique lifestyle management program that helps you not only lose extra weight but also feel and look your best. This system helps you get dramatic results, as long as you commit.

The Qivana METABOLIQ system was based on highly specific research into weight loss, particularly fat loss. This weight loss system focuses on losing body fat while staying healthy and nourished. To achieve this, you need a recharged metabolism and that's something the program helps you do.

What are the benefits of Qivana METABOLIQ?

The Qivana METABOLIQ System can help you in several important ways. It can help you:

  • Achieve stable blood sugar levels
  • Recharge your metabolism
  • Optimize caloric intake by preventing sugar absorption

By following the Qivana METABOLIQ System, you can achieve macrobalance. This essentially means that you'll consume perfectly portioned servings of lean protein, healthy carbs, and friendly fats and be satisfied. When you've achieved macrobalance, you can enjoy stable blood sugar long-term, which means you'll also avoid energy plummets, cravings, and hunger pangs.

How long does the weight loss program last?

Qivana METABOLIQ is a 90-day program. You can work with Robert to customize your program if you need to lose more weight after your initial 90-day program is complete.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Normal healthy weight loss equals around two or three pounds each week. You might lose more than that during the first couple of weeks, especially if you have significant extra weight. It’s important to know that your weight loss from week to week may vary, as well as your overall weight loss results. Sometimes you'll lose twice as much as expected while other weeks you may simply maintain.

The important thing to remember is that you're actually doing a metabolic reset, and that it takes time for your body to adjust to this. As long as you stick with the plan, you will lose weight over the long-term.*

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