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As you age, you may notice more skin laxity than you used to have. This laxity comes from collagen and elastin depletion, which is a natural part of aging. However, you can reverse the clock and tighten your skin naturally with Cutera® XEO® treatment at Campbell Station Primary Care and Aesthetics in Knoxville, Tennessee. Nurse practitioner Robert Martin, APN expertly uses the XEO handpiece to stimulate new collagen and elastin growth, which gradually tightens your skin without surgery. Book now using the online tool or by calling the office.

Skin Tightening

Why is my skin looser than it used to be?

When you’re young, your skin is naturally smooth and tight thanks to a plentiful amount of collagen and elastin. Your collagen works like a support system, while your elastin helps your skin snap back when it’s stretched.

Over the years, you don’t make as much collagen and elastin as you once did. The collagen drop can have a significant effect on your facial volume and structure. For example, you may notice hollows below your eyes and in your cheeks or deep grooves on both sides of your nose and mouth. Lack of fresh elastin may not be a problem initially, but over time it’s an issue. Like a rubber band, your skin can only spring back so many times before it begins to loosen and stretch out.

How can I tighten my skin?

Robert performs skin tightening treatment at Campbell Station Primary Care and Aesthetics using the Cutera XEO. The Cutera XEO treatment uses a strong but gentle light source to generate a thermal profile within the dermis, the thick layer of your skin where you produce collagen and elastin.

When this layer of skin is heated, it jumpstarts your skin’s repair response and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the treated areas. Your new collagen and elastin takes a while to appear — usually a few weeks — and you’ll see continued improvement for several months.

Am I a good candidate for skin tightening?

If you have loose skin due to aging, and you want to avoid invasive treatments or surgery, skin tightening with Cutera XEO may be a great option. If you have significant amounts of loose skin due to massive weight loss, this type of noninvasive skin tightening isn’t ideal because it doesn’t remove excess skin.

Cutera XEO is also a good choice if you’re looking to get natural results and want to stay away from fillers or other injectables. Although this type of skin tightening takes a little longer to show results, the fact that it’s your very own elastin and collagen instead of an injected substance may just make it well worth it for you.

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